Brief introduction of garment printing machine

Release time: 2016-11-11

The traditional clothing T-shirt printing technology including manual screen printing, Tshirt paper and pyrograph transfer printing, these traditional techniques are obvious disadvantage. Manual screen printing procedure is very complex (from design to finished printing, there are about 15 of the number of processes), threshold (General Factory print runs in 500 or more) high requirements; at the same time need for skilled workers, all adopt manual operation, error probability; at the same time can print color, no printing pictures. T-shirt paper transfer single cost is high (a T-shirt paper retail at 10 yuan or so); the picture effect has no gradual change color; the clothes after treatment are completely airtight; the washability is very bad, generally 2-3 times can not see clearly the pattern. Hot, transfer is only suitable for mass production; large area heat transfer would lead to poor permeability of clothes, washing resistance is not good. These traditional printing processes have to pass a process of transfer, the design effect is not only difficult to ensure that the waste produced between them is not environmentally friendly.

The garment printer / T - shirt printer overcomes the difficulties in the traditional printing technology. It can print patterns directly on T-shirts and other fabrics, and also print high fidelity color effect images for white ink popularized by dark cloth. Not only fast (1 minutes you can print a), good (comparable American printing); when required by simple procedures required printed pieces, while supporting full color and high quality printing. The environmentally friendly water-based pigment ink used in the operation of the garment printing machine / T - shirt printer makes the print soft touch and elegant hue.

Garment printing machine / T-shirt printer printing process simple to four steps are as follows: (1) in the print position on the coating, (2), (3) print press, (4) (dry or drying), (5) completed, simple operation and high quality dyeing and coloring to create low cost - efficient production.