The present situation and future of the development of linen fabric

Release time: 2016-11-08

1. problems in the practice of the characteristics of the linen fabric

A piece of clothing is a source of inspiration, from design, material, plate making and other aspects of continuous exploration in the finished. In the process of making practice, it is constantly affirming and constantly denying the idea that it will be incompatible with the application of linen fabric to the inappropriate style or style. The hemp fiber stiffness, will make people's skin a little itchy feeling, and the properties of hemp fiber wrinkle will make clothing in every time after wearing for ironing, time-consuming.

In the process of making use of hemp, although there is a crisp effect, but is not rigid and thick, soft. With a relatively soft material production pits will be slack, there have been many successful examples, original and elegant we tried many ways to change the material such as pits, crimp, printing, hand-painted etc..

Press pleat is a commonly used technology in garment modeling. It refers to folding, stacking and kneading fabric according to the needs of modeling, so that the original plane fabric can produce three-dimensional surface texture effect. However, because linen is a linen fabric made from natural plant material, it will affect wrinkle and wrinkle at a long time, so at the end, those wrinkles will gradually become smooth as time goes on.

Printing on the fabric can use a variety of different printing techniques. We choose digital printing when we finish the project. Through the printing, the fabric has a new color and three-dimensional effect, the fabric on the realization of color, pattern and texture of a variety of different changes. At the beginning of pure hemp printing printed color bright color, but also slowly evaporate, become dim and dark. We are printing ink in the gray and white face material, highlighting the cultural characteristics of Chinese ink painting, ink is mainly used for black and gray color, it is also because of volatilization, without color depth at the beginning, there is a sense of hierarchy.

Methods for lifting performance of 2. linen fabrics

After a preliminary understanding of the properties of the hemp fiber, we have seen the advantages of the linen fabric and the lack of it. Now, cotton blended fabrics have been widely applied in various fields of clothing, linen can complement each other. Cotton is hygroscopic, permeability, good comfort, good service performance, but there is a lack of antioxidant and fabric strength; in addition to cotton hemp fiber can make up for the deficiency of the strength, the heat resistance is better than cotton, linen blended fabric can each in his element.

At present, the cotton and linen fibers used in the garment textile industry have become more and more towards the direction of the composite function. Therefore, the effective development of cotton fabric products is the future trend of development of textile products. Although the fabric of cotton and linen has great improvement in the fabric after blending, there are still great similarities between cotton fiber and hemp fiber, but there is also a phenomenon of wrinkle and recovery. For lack of cotton fabric, people are constantly exploring the improvement of its performance measures.

3 hemp fabric development and the future

In the history of human civilization, the relationship between clothing and people is very close, no matter what kind of clothing people choose, the most basic factor is comfort. The processing of modern hemp fabrics emphasizes the strict ecological and environmental protection in accordance with the national and international standard of eco textile detection, making the essential properties and characteristics of hemp more extreme.

Before the foreign countries have already used the flexible and appropriate design of the clothing. With the development of China's economy, the consumptive capacity of Chinese consumers is increasing. With the vigorous development and innovation of enterprise's equipment and technology, innovative fabrics are favored by more companies and designers. The concept of consumer is becoming more and more rational. At the same time, it will pay more attention to the quality and comfort of the clothing.